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Updated - 11/06/02

Old version:

The old version was developed with Visual Basic 6. While it has alot done, it also still has a ways to go. And it was done in my early days of VB programming. So some parts were was a bit crude. So rather than try and improve it, I can do a better job of starting again from scratch and build it using Visual Basic.Net.


BGS Designer

This was the original part of the program. It was a stand alone program. Some may recall seeing BGS signs on my Mid-Atlantic Highway Network website. Those were made with this. As you can see I had many names for this part of the software suite.


Sign Gantry Designer

This part had only a small amount complete. You used signs created with the BGS designer and put them on a gantry. I only have this one gantry at this point. I'm also hoping to have other gantry types and colors as well as other backgrounds like overpasses.


Sign Assembly Designer

This part was about as early in development as the Sign Gantry Designer. It has little done and what is done is full of bugs. But this had even more left to go. My hope is to be able to build sign assemblies of shields like you see at intersections.


Virtual Roadtrip

This one's still in my head. But by putting gantries and sign assemblies in order as seen on a route, the user can take a virtual roadtrip down that route.

No Screenshot because like I said there's nothing done.


Some people may ask if I'm going to make the old Suite avaible for use. I'd rather not because it's usefullness is minimal because only the BGS designer has most of it's features finished. But the usability of the program is quite poor. Dragging shields, labels, and arrows was spotty.

Like I said I'm planning to make a new version of my Road Sign Software Suite using VB.NET. And I already have some of the foundation of the BGS Designer done. There are many parts that I'm not even sure how I'm going to do yet.

New Software

Here's the first screenshot from the new BGS designer.


So far I've gotten a little of the functionality for labels as seen above.

Here's a new screen shot.

newscreen2.jpg /

The only visible additon in this screenshot is I've started implementing shields. The Implementation of Route numbers on the shields is not done yet.

But another advancement that has been made besides the shields is draggable labels and shields. You can move a label or shield on the sign using the mouse. And this dragging is not flawed like the previous version.

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