The infamous Breezewood Interchange

No interchange page that is not specific to one state or region would be complete without this interchange. So it had to be first on my interchange list because it is definitely unusual.


This is the main example of an exception in the interstate system. Interstate 70 travels for a short distance on US 30 in Breezewood, PA. And unlike all other interstates, this section is not a freeway but a principle arterial highway. Then it follows the turnpike access road to the PA turnpike mainline.

A diagram of the interchange can be found here at

This problem has not been corrected due to local opposition. Breezewood contends their town depends on the current alignment of I-70 running through it. I believe that most of the business that Breezewood receives is from commercial truck drivers. And they as well as others will contiue to use Breezewood as a stopping spot even if a direct connection is made for I-70.